22-Year-Old Web3 Entrepreneur Brian Wong Jun Han Launches Spectrum in Singapore

Singapore, Singapore, May 30th, 2024 – Coinscribble by Coinbound

Today, Brian Wong Jun Han, a 22-year-old entrepreneur with a deep understanding of the web3 space, announces the launch of Spectrum, a growth studio dedicated to supporting early-stage web3 startups and projects. 

Early Start in Web3 with Continuum 

Brian’s journey in web3 accelerated at a young age. He co-founded Continuum, a New York-based social-fi startup focused on web3 education.

Alongside Jason Curry, now founder and CEO of Comigo.ai, Continuum provided free, short-form educational content designed to equip Gen Z freelancers with the skills needed to thrive in the digital economy.

The platform rewarded users with crypto and NFTs for exploring various career paths and offered deeper dives for those who discovered specific areas of interest.

Notably, Continuum secured $2.5 million in funding from prominent investors like Avalanche VC and Shima Capital. 

Honing Expertise in Centralized Finance 

Following his experiences at Continuum, Brian transitioned to the world of centralised exchanges (CEXs). This period allowed him to refine his skills in tokenomics and support web3 startups, like Mountain Capital Fund, and established DAOs, like AirDAO, with their token listing, and growth efforts. 

Mentorship and Business Development in the Web3 Ecosystem 

Brian actively contributes to the web3 space beyond Spectrum. He currently serves as an advisor for Napa Society, a Bangkok-based startup building a web3 social media ecosystem. 

In this role, he assists with business development, growth, fundraising, and other key initiatives. Napa Society leverages blockchain technology and its native NAPA token to create a sustainable utility within its ecosystem. 

Spectrum: Empowering the Next Generation of Web3 Leaders 

With Spectrum, Brian brings together his diverse experiences to empower the next wave of web3 innovators. Spectrum offers a comprehensive suite of services including fundraising support through its partners, product design and development, and strategic marketing campaigns 

By combining Brian’s expertise with a team of passionate professionals, Spectrum aims to become a one-stop shop for early-stage web3 projects seeking to navigate the dynamic landscape of the industry. 

Looking Ahead: Fostering Innovation and Growth in Web3 

“I believe web3 has the potential to reshape the way we interact with the digital world,” says Brian Wong Jun Han. “Through Spectrum, I want to empower visionary entrepreneurs who are building the future of web3. I’m excited to collaborate with these passionate individuals and contribute to a thriving web3 ecosystem.” 

About Spectrum 

Spectrum is a Singapore-based growth studio specialising in supporting early-stage web3 startups and projects. 

Led by Brian Wong Jun Han, a seasoned entrepreneur with extensive experience in web3 education, tokenomics, and business development, Spectrum offers a comprehensive range of services including fundraising support through its partners, product design and development, and strategic marketing campaigns.