Atleta Network: New Era of Sports with Blockchain in Front of Us

Atleta Network, the first blockchain platform for the sports industry marking the possible beginning of the sports industry transition into Web 3. 

Coinscribble May 8th, 2024 / In recent years, the interest in Web 3 technologies has been rising exponentially. Multiple major sports clubs (e.g. FC Barcelona, Liverpool) and leagues (e.g. La Liga, NBA) applied blockchain for sports NFTs, ticketing, and fan engagement. And they don’t seem to stop exploring the Web 3 potential for monetization, engagement, internal operations, and transition into the metaverse. According to recent Mordor Intelligence research, the blockchain in sports will grow at 9% CAGR by 2028. Despite the rising demand, no blockchain was tailored to cover the needs of the sports industry comprehensively. At least, until the Blockchain Sports project presented Atleta Network in early 2024. 

Atleta Network is the flagship product of the Blockchain Sports project. Blockchain Sports is an international project introducing advanced technologies like AI, VR/AR, IoT, and blockchain into sports and helping young talented players enter the industry’s highest echelons. The project has already invested around 8 million dollars to establish 3 football academies in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Sobral, Acopiara) with more than 2 hundred players attending them. Also, around 1000+ IT specialists work on the development of the Atleta Network in its offices in UAE, Eastern Europe, Germany, and Cyprus. The project has the official status and secured intellectual property rights with the famous legal consortium, Sandjar Group, that works with companies like Microsoft, Balmain, Coca-Cola, Hilton, and others.

Atleta is the modular, layer 1 blockchain with native cross-chain interoperability. It represents the quintessential blockchain for the sports industry, combining smart contract creation, distributed data storage, financial transactions, and a decentralized apps deployment ecosystem. This is the core advantage of the network – sports organizations will no longer need to use separate blockchains for NFT issuing, data management, and decentralized app development. Moreover, the Substrate technology applied in Atleta facilitates network functioning and lowers fees for transactions and smart contract creation. 

The network combines four distinctive architectural features that make it a perfect fit for the sports industry’s needs: parachains, XCM+, layer separation, and Nominated Proof-of-Stake (NPoS). 


Parachains will allow different sports organizations to create their own, separate chains on the Atleta that leverage all the functionalities of the network. Thus, the sports clubs will be able to keep certain data private on Atleta’s distributed ledger and leverage all its validators set, explorer, decentralized exchange, and other features at the same time.


Atleta will employ XCM for parachain communication. Atleta team expands XCM’s current capacity aiming to integrate one of the complimentary ancillary solutions such as IBC or CCIP.

Layer separation

Atleta separates different network functionalities into three layers to achieve better performance. Atleta’s modular structure includes data storage, smart contract execution, and decentralized app deployment layers. 


Atleta’s unique consensus system, unlike traditional Proof-of-Stake, adds a new tier of transaction approval participants – nominators. Staking Atleta’s native token, $ATLA, the users become nominators who randomly name the validators among the network nodes or users. Therefore, the network becomes more secure and beneficial for the stakes. 

The investments raised during the preseed round will allow the Blockchain Sports team to continue the development of the network’s digital infrastructure. In May, 2024 the Blockchain Sports developers will launch Atleta’s Testnet where apart from the blockchain itself, the users will be able to try other network features and products like:

  • Cross-chain bridge 
  • Native crypto wallet 
  • Decentralized exchange (DEX) 
  • Blockchain explorer 
  • Staking mechanisms

Until the beginning of May, 2024, the project’s followers can get Atleta’s whitelist NFTs which are available on Atleta’s official website. To mint one, a user should complete several quests. The whitelist NFT holders will be granted priority access to Atleta’s testnet and will receive a multiplier to score more points for the actions on the testnet. 

Then, as Atleta’s official roadmap reads, all the core features of the network will be launched in the mainnet by the end of Q3 2024. In addition, the mainnet will be imbued with an AI/ML system for continuous network improvement and seamless functioning. 

Sports organizations will need Atleta’s utility token $ATLA to access the platform’s functionalities. Atleta users will be able to exchange the token for major cryptocurrencies on the network’s DEX. Additionally, Atleta’s Bridge will allow users to transfer their tokens from Atleta to other EVM-compatible networks and vice versa. The $ATLA token TGE is scheduled for September 2024. We didn’t find any information about the token airdrop but Atleta creators may follow the tradition and reward their early supporters. You can follow Atleta on social media so as not to miss the $ATLA airdrop announcement if it is. 

Blockchain Sports

Blockchain Sports is the first international sports project building the future of world football, by combining advanced IoT, AI, VR, and blockchain technologies. In three football academies located across Brazil more than two hundred teenage football players from low-income families are honing their football skills. Under the guidance of professional coaches and control of new technologies, these promising players are training to become the world’s top footballers within a few years.

The core component of the BCS ecosystem – is Aleta Network – the world’s first blockchain solution tailored for the sports industry. The Atleta Network can serve both enterprises and regular users. Sports organizations can use it to develop smart contracts, issue tokens, and enhance financial operations with high transparency. Users can support their favorite players’ career paths via smart contracts, buy digital collectibles of BCSports academies’ players, and get rewards for their favorite players’ professional achievements. Learn how to use the network from Atleta Whitepaper.

The headquarters of the international holding is located in the UAE, Dubai. Official representative offices are located in Brazil, Germany, and Cyprus. The project’s plan for the near future includes developing a custom athlete scouting service and deploying the blockchain testnet.

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