Certo Announces Launch of its Testnet: Pioneering the Future of p2p lending and Stablecoins

Coinscribble – April 17, 2024 / Certo is excited to announce the official launch of its highly anticipated testnet, marking a significant milestone in the development of its groundbreaking p2p lending project. Designed to revolutionize digital transactions by offering unparalleled security, transparency, and stability of funds collateralized by Real-World Assets (RWAs), Certo’s testnet is now open for community participation and feedback.

Setting New Standards for Digital Currency

The testnet phase is crucial for Certo, aiming to rigorously test the network’s capabilities, assess its performance under various conditions, and ensure that the final launch meets the highest standards of efficiency and reliability. Certo is committed to redefining the landscape of digital finance, and the testnet is a pivotal step towards achieving this vision.

Test net Objectives

– Performance Assessment: Evaluate the scalability, speed, and stability of the network, ensuring it can handle transactions swiftly and reliably.

– Community Feedback: Collect valuable insights from the community to refine and enhance the user experience based on real-world interaction.

– Smart Contract Testing: Test the functionality and reliability of smart contracts on the network, ensuring they operate as intended without issues.

Roadmap and Milestones

The launch of the testnet marks the start of an exciting journey, with the following key milestones outlined in the project’s roadmap:

1. Testnet Launch: Opening the network for user participation and initial testing.

2. Feature Rollouts: Gradual rollout of additional features, including advanced smart contract capabilities and cross-chain integrations.

3. Mainnet Transition: After comprehensive testing and optimization, transitioning to the mainnet launch, signifying the full operational launch of Certo.

How to Participate and Resources Available

Community involvement is instrumental in the testnet phase. Interested users, developers, and enthusiasts are encouraged to participate by following these steps:

1. Visit Certo website to connect to the testnet.

2. Explore our detailed guide on interacting with the testnet, using a faucet, and more here.

3. Join the Certo Discord to connect with other testers, share feedback, and get support.

4. Stay informed about updates and progress through our official channels on X and sign up to our regular email updates on our website.

About Certo

Certo is at the forefront of developing a secure, stable, and scalable platform, aiming to bridge the gap between traditional fiat currencies and the digital economy. With a focus on security, transparency, and community-driven development, Certo seeks to provide a robust foundation for financial transactions worldwide.


Name – Certo

Email – info@certo.finance

Website – https://certo.finance/

Certo Testnet – https://test.certo.finance/