Cryptocurrency To Yield 10,000% ROI In 30 Days

{February 21, 2024} – Coinscribble by Coinbound / The price of 1 NewGold token will rise to $100,000 this year. NewGold will be the most expensive cryptocurrencies in the world. The price of 1 newG will reach $10,000 before July 2024 and upto $100,000 within the next 2 years, it will overtake bitcoin and can never crash so easy like bitcoin. This is achievable because the NewGold team created only 10,000 tokens as the total supply. NewGold will be one of the first Crypto to have only 10,000 tokens as total supply. The NewGold team want to do something different from what all other Crypto founders are doing, instead of creating in millions, billions or trillions like others, they created only few. More so, they Locked 49% of the token for 4 years. Only 51% (5,100 newG) will be in circulation. This strategy will make NewGold to be scarce, valuable and expensive. They are working towards having massive number of people to use these limited tokens, and this high demand will cause the price of 1 newG to rise and shock the world. The price of 1 NewGold will overtake Bitcoin.

If you missed to buy many Bitcoins years ago when 1 Btc was sold for less than $1, this is the alternative you should never miss.

These are what they were able to do successfully; they created the website, created the token, the ownership of the token was renounced in order to build trust and transparency, they built their social media groups on telegram and twitter and had a successful presale at Dxsale. In addition, NewGold had been listed at Pancakeswap and CoinsBit exchange, and they have applied for listing at Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko. They have done KYC successfully and the audit report was excellent. The next major focus and action plan is to run an intense marketing. NewGold was at a centralised exchange yesterday (Bankcex exchange). This is a major step to another successful phase.

The utility of the project is that newG will serve as payment gateway in their upcoming video social media app project. Our App users will become Newg users. The app will be launched in few months from now. Millions of people will use the app.

This is the best time to buy as many as you can and hold, because the price is very cheap at the moment. With $9 to $15 USD, you could buy 1 NewG. It is projected that the price could to $1000 until it reaches $100,000 this year. In the coming years the price will shock the world much more than Bitcoin. If you think that bitcoin is expensive then wait to see the high price of NewGold that will shock the world.

You can invest $100, $1000, $10,000 or $100,000 USD into NewGold and your investment will turn to millions of dollars.

NewG is from BSC bep20. The contract address is: 0x4296f7abE47B9BF5EeA4DEa813C7d59F0401363A

For further information visit the website, join their telegram group or contact the founder to discuss further.

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