is the new portuguese platform that predicts the future and indicates the next cryptocurrency to invest in

Coinscribble – April 2, 2024 / Portuguese tech startup Dexed is launching a decentralised trading platform (DEX) that operates on the Ethereum blockchain and is aimed at traders and degens (cryptocurrency investors who enter trades with a high risk, expecting an equally significant return). Using Artificial Intelligence, analyses all the activity on social networks and media channels dealing with this universe in order to detect the next big coin in which to invest and from which you can expect a positive reward.

Since it is possible for anyone to create a token in any of the blockchain ecosystems that exist in the virtual world, investments in cryptocurrency can be quite risky and there are many scams that can occur, leading to great losses of money. At the same time, free access to the blockchain and the lack of government control of this technology make this situation much worse. As a response to this scenario, the Portuguese startup Dexed is launching a new solution that will revolutionise the way traders and degens (users who enter high-risk trades expecting a high return) invest in cryptocurrency.

Created in 2024, in Lisbon, at the hands of Olivier Bureau, the platform is a decentralised finance (DeFi) application that provides real-time data analysis, tracks trends and offers a range of features to facilitate the discovery of tokens and investment opportunities. Using an Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm, studies the activity of social networks, influencers and media outlets that address this subject in order to understand upcoming trends and inform users of profitable tokens that deserve their investment and their attention at a given moment.

Users of the platform have access to this information via the dashboard, which shows a balance of mid-capitalisation tokens and pre-launch tokens, anticipating token movements and allowing users to access a wide range of investment opportunities in the Ethereum ecosystem. At the same time, it is possible to invest directly through the platform in Dexed tokens – $DEXED. offers a number of exclusive benefits to owners of $DEXED tokens, including access to premium dashboards with more information, advertising space to promote tokens developed by users themselves and fast customer support. In addition, all the profit generated by adverts, paid dashboards, token upgrades and trading interface fees is shared among all the owners of these tokens, creating an extra source of income for the platform’s users.

“As we have seen, cryptocurrency is here to stay and is not just another trend. On the contrary, it is a fundamental milestone for financial democratisation and the decentralisation of economic power. However, it is equally important to recognise the dangers inherent in this volatile market. You can either win big or lose big when you invest in cryptocurrencies. The lack of regulation and the growth of fraud are the two main causes of the mistrust that is still felt towards this market and hinder possible highly profitable investments are what motivated me to build – a tool that helps users invest in the most informed and conscious way possible,” comments Olivier Bureau, founder and CEO of Dexed.

Since the creation of the first $DEXED token in February, which funded this project, this cryptocurrency has reached 700 holders and a value of $1.8M (around €1.7M) – the highest value this digital coin has ever reached (ATH). You can buy $DEXED tokens via the company’s website.

By the end of 2024, the Portuguese company hopes to have one million monthly users, establish collaborations with strategic technology partners, improve customer support and launch new features, such as an anti-theft bot to make investments even safer and a dedicated influencer dashboard, and develop the AI algorithm so that more valuable statistics and insights are presented to the platform’s users. In addition, Dexed will be hiring new talent for its team in the Lisbon area, boosting the Portuguese cryptocurrency ecosystem.

About is a decentralised trading platform (DEX) operating on the Ethereum blockchain, which allows users to carry out direct transactions with each other without the need for intermediaries, taking full control of their funds.

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