DEXTools Teams Up with RaflDex Web3 Platform for a Game-Changing Partnership


Coinscribble – November 13, 2023 / Dextools, a leading tool for Web3 enthusiasts, has partnered with a revolutionary new platform, RaflDex. This partnership aims to create a fun, safe, and profitable environment in a Web3 culture often compared to the Wild West.

RaflDex is leading a transformation in the world of Web3 raffles, offering a unique combination of centralized draws and user-generated raffles. With an advanced booking system, RaflDex enables users to create their own NFT raffles, introducing a fresh perspective on liquidity beyond the traditional WETH-based NFT market model.

The RaflDex platform harnesses capabilities of decentralization, leveraging blockchain’s transparency and reliability to ensure a totally fair raffle process. By employing blockchain technology, such as Chainlink’s randomizer, RaflDex returns control to users, establishing an open and democratic platform where all participants have an equal opportunity for success.

RaflDex extends beyond being just a raffle platform; it serves as a central hub for cross-community integration, uniting diverse NFT communities for interaction, collaboration, and growth. This dynamic ecosystem fosters engagement and cultivates a robust NFT community that transcends the boundaries of individual projects.

$DORK coin, a cryptocurrency created by Sr Peters, will be the official coin for the upcoming RaflDex games platform.

About DEXTools:
DEXTools is a leading platform for crypto traders and enthusiasts that offers tools and data for cryptocurrency trading and analysis. While providing real-time insights, charts, and market information, facilitating informed trading decisions and supporting users in the dynamic cryptocurrency market, Dextools is a daily destination for many in the crypto space as they utilize the site’s many tools.

About $DORK:
$DORK is an Alt-Coin created by Sr. Peters Lab for public trading. Intended for use as the official coin for RaflDex Games, in conjunction with DEXTools, this coin is poised to be a leading cryptocurrency. Its official description says it all, “You have invested in 100 meme coins, and in all of them you have lost. Stop being a fish inside an ocean full of sharks, and buy $DORK.”

For more information on the Rafldex platform, or how to acquire the new $DORK coin, you may find the links below useful:

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