Goshen Announces Conclusion of the Top Goshen Gears Program, Ushers in New ‘Building on Bitcoin’ Era

March 19, 2024 Coinscribble by Coinbound / Goshen is proud to announce the successful conclusion of the Top Goshen Gears (TGG) program, a pivotal ecosystem development campaign launched a year ago aimed at bolstering the Goshen Network’s position as a leading Layer 2 Ethereum scaling solution. Having ignited unprecedented collaboration within the blockchain community, the program winds down with a robust assembly of over 60 protocols and partners now integrally supporting the Goshen ecosystem.

The TGG program was designed to empower developers, projects, and DAOs to engage with and contribute to the Goshen ecosystem by deploying applications and integrations on the Goshen TestNet. This initiative not only showcased Goshen’s unique capabilities, leveraging the RISC-V instruction set for enhanced scalability, but also rewarded early adopters with genesis TGG NFTs and a share of the network’s transaction fees.

As we bid farewell to the TGG campaign, Goshen is excited to introduce its successor, the ‘Building on Bitcoin’ (BOB) program. The BOB initiative aims to extend the collaborative ethos of the TGG program to Goshen’s Bitcoin EVM Layer, fostering an even deeper community engagement. This next phase will not only continue the work of enhancing scalability and throughput on the blockchain but will also leverage the strength and security of Bitcoin to provide unparalleled opportunities for developers and projects within the ecosystem.

Goshen extends heartfelt gratitude to all participants of the TGG campaign for their invaluable contributions and invites the community to join the forthcoming ‘Building on Bitcoin’ program. This transition marks a significant milestone in Goshen’s journey towards creating a more scalable, efficient, and inclusive blockchain ecosystem.

For more information on how to get involved with the ‘Building on Bitcoin’ program and to stay updated on Goshen’s latest developments, follow us on Twitter or join our Discord community.

About Goshen Network

Goshen Network is at the forefront of Layer 2 scaling solutions, offering a fully Ethereum-equivalent optimistic rollup protocol that leverages the RISC-V machine for enhanced on-chain computing. Aimed at reducing transaction latency and gas fees while maintaining the decentralization and security of Ethereum, Goshen is committed to advancing blockchain technology for a more scalable and efficient future.