Goshen’s Bitcoin EVM Layer Facilitates RWA Partnerships

{January 23, 2024} – Coinscribble by Coinbound / Singapore – Goshen, the Layer2 optimistic rollup, has proudly announced a groundbreaking development in its Bitcoin EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) layer. This innovation is onboarding projects in the Real World Assets (RWA) sector and bridging them with the Bitcoin network, enabling a new era of accelerated, cost-efficient transactions and access to the untapped market of Bitcoin.

Revolutionizing the RWA Landscape through Goshen’s Bitcoin Integration

Goshen’s Bitcoin EVM layer was developed on top of the Segregated Witness (SegWit) protocol upgrade in the Bitcoin network that allows the separation of transaction signatures (witness data) from transaction data. This increases the capacity of the Bitcoin network to facilitate EVM data and reduces transaction fees. Utilizing Bitcoin’s native consensus mechanism, the most battle-tested in blockchain, to provide unparalleled security and robustness. This is set to unlock a range of opportunities in asset tokenization and trading, as well as the execution of high-value transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Elevating Real World Asset Tokenization and Trading to New Heights

One of the core use cases for Goshen’s Bitcoin EVM layer is the potential to enhance RWA Tokenization and Trading. This feature is set to transform the landscape of physical assets, rendering them more accessible and liquid than ever before. It also paves the way for novel investment strategies and asset management techniques, democratizing access to previously exclusive asset classes and opening them to a broader range of investors.

Fostering Cross-Chain Decentralized Applications and Expanding Horizons

Goshen’s innovation extends beyond RWA, catalyzing the creation of cross-chain decentralized applications (dApps). This expansion enriches the ecosystem, encompassing a diverse range of applications from institutional crypto asset investments to streamlined BRC-20 token transactions, and bolstering risk management in high-stakes transactions.

Charting the Course Towards a Decentralized Future

Goshen’s wider vision is deeply rooted in blockchain innovation. The project’s short-term roadmap includes launching a user-friendly front-end interface on the Bitcoin network, forging strategic partnerships with key infrastructure and RWA entities, and intensifying efforts to cultivate a vibrant community around this transformative technology.

About Goshen
Goshen Network is a leading provider of Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solutions, utilizing a RISC-V machine to support on-chain computing. The network aims to decrease transaction latency, increase throughput, reduce gas fees, and maintain decentralization and security from Ethereum. Its innovative Bitocin EVM Layer is leading the way for building dApps on the network. For more information, visit Goshen

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