Introducing the Sexxy Token (SEXXY): Where Opportunity and Beauty Meet!

Coinscribble – May 6th, 2024 / Introducing the Sexxy Token (SEXXY): Where Opportunity and Beauty Meet!

Greetings, cryptography enthusiasts and visionary investors! Get ready for an exciting journey into the world of the Sexxy Token – a place where investment potential intertwines with real opportunities in a way that goes beyond the conventional!

So, what’s the essence of the Sexxy Token?

Imagine a robust token, built on a solid ERC20 protocol on the Polygon network, with a supply of 100 million tokens. Its mission? Simply to finance real models, whether amateur or professional, for the production of captivating content, as you see on social media, but with a difference: these will be funded by, with the models being fairly compensated, yet absolutely free for anyone to view!

Here’s the beauty of this concept:

1) Investors Drive the Game: You, dear investor, play a vital role in acquiring Sexxy Tokens, driving the funding of projects for models around the world who want to participate!

2) Models Reach New Heights: Thanks to your investments, Sexxy can offer a unique opportunity for models to showcase their talent, without the need to build a lengthy fan base or resort to content-selling platforms.

3) Models are Our Ambassadors: As models bring their A-game, they’re not just creating content – they’re also promoting the Sexxy Token on their social media channels, reaching fans and followers worldwide!

But where does all this magic happen? Picture the glamorous Balneario Camboriu, in southern Brazil – a true paradise of beauty and creativity, providing the perfect backdrop for filming. From stunning beaches to luxurious accommodations, it’s the ideal place to create content that will leave everyone in awe!

And here’s what makes it even more exciting: our vision goes far beyond Brazilian borders. We’re committed to empowering models worldwide, offering them a platform and financial support to thrive in content production for entertainment.

Now, let’s talk numbers: we began our journey by launching a pool on Uniswap, with 25 million SEXXY tokens and an initial value of then US$ 0.00001 per token. A promising start, isn’t it?

But to give back to our contributors and further incentivize them, we offered them the opportunity to purchase tokens at launch prices, with the condition that Sexxy would begin repurchasing the first tokens from their hands. And so we did!

Up to this point, in the testing phase, we created models via AI, and thus we adjusted the entire idea before starting with real women.

Oh, and of course: we listed the Sexxy token on Uniswap and put in an initial liquidity of USDT 1000 (it was the maximum we could do at the time, as we started the project with a really low budget):

Uniswap Pool |

And as I write this, we await Polygon to officially register us on PolygonScan (we’ve already made the request):


The company behind the token – DonateToRead Publicatons Ltda – is a legally established Brazilian publisher with over four years and more than 12 magazines published weekly on, the world’s largest newsstand:


If you’re not familiar with Balne├írio Cambori├║, check it out on Google (some of the tallest buildings in the world are in the city, it’s insane!):

Balneario Camboriu:

And if you want to get to know me, I’m a Brazilian journalist, pianist, and, attention, also very ugly (then don’t say I didn’t warn you!):

Jeff Reinholds:

So, what are you waiting for? Join us on this exciting journey as we redefine the intersection of investment and opportunity with the Sexxy Token. With enthusiasm and optimism, Jeff, Editor-in-Chief of Sexxy TV.