Mittaria, the new anime blue chip to catch the market

Coinscribble – November 17th, 2023 / Despite a challenging bear market that has left many high-profile projects struggling to grow, Mittaria confidently emerges into contention as the blue-chip anime-based NFT collection. With a clear vision and determination, the project aims to deliver where others have fallen short, providing tangible utility and unparalleled benefits to its holders while maintaining novelty and originality.

In an uncertain market landscape, Mittaria stands tall, unwavering in its pursuit of success., Mittaria remains steadfast in its mission to revolutionize the world of anime-based NFTs. By combining the innovation of Web 3 with the reliability of its established Web 2 partners, Mittaria distinguishes itself as a beacon of opportunity for both anime enthusiasts and NFT collectors.

Mittaria strives to create an environment where holders can genuinely feel the benefits of their ownership. From exclusive access to limited-edition content and merchandise to participation in unique events and collaborations via a host of excellent IPs, Mittaria aims to reward its dedicated community members with extraordinary experiences.

In the past, several Web 2 brands have tried to capture the market and deliver success through their existing brand and audience, but most fell short. Mittaria is here to change that, taking a massive risk via an investment of 300 million USD to prove it’s here to build rather than extract. It’s not backed by a one-dimensional business; Mittaria is powered by over 30+ brands spanning fashion, animated series, IP, hotel chains, colleges, and many other incredible successes in the Web 2 world. It plans to leverage its holdings to reward its NFT collectors. We wish to see this in the space, an existing company with a proven history of successful IP building, creating the same formula in Web 3. It’s here to set a precedent like never before and set an example for all Web 2 brands wanting to enter the space.

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