Changing the Game in Crypto Investing for 2024

{February 14, 2024} – Coinscribble by Coinbound / Welcome to the wild world of crypto, where things change super fast. Here’s the scoop on It’s this cool platform that mixes AI and web3, shaking up how we invest in crypto. It’s more than just another app; it’s a game-changer for folks who dive deep into the complex world of digital money.

Cool Mix of AI and Blockchain

So, what’s all about? It’s got AI – super smart at handling heaps of data. Plus, it’s got blockchain stuff – you know, all transparent and decentralized. This combo means it can analyze crypto transactions like a boss, giving insights that we haven’t seen before.

Grading System for Crypto Projects

Here’s something neat: has this grading system. It checks out crypto projects on 20 different blockchains in 49 categories. The grades go from 1 (not so hot) to 10 (super cool). It helps you figure out what’s what in the crypto world, making it easier to decide where to put your money.

Whether you’re a crypto pro or just starting, is user-friendly. It gives you straight-up advice, easy to understand, from a ton of data. It’s great for doing your homework on crypto projects, helping you spot the winners and avoid the duds.

This token is more than currency; it’s a ticket to the inner circle and a way to power the community’s voice.

🔥 850 Million $NextGem Tokens, Unpacked:

  • Tech & Growth Engine (5%): Allocating 42.5M tokens for never-ending tech advancements.
  • Marketing & Tribe Building (10%): 85M tokens to get the world talking and grow their ranks.
  • Community Rewards (15%): 127.5M tokens for you, the active and engaged community members.
  • Staking Rewards Pool (10%): 85M tokens for those contributing to liquidity.
  • Team & Advisors’ Commitment (10%): Keeping their core team aligned with their long-term vision.
  • Seed & Private A Rounds (15% + 7.2%): A nod to their early believers.
  • Public Sale Gateway (7.7%): Opening the floor for broader community involvement.
  • Liquidity Backbone (10%): Ensuring stability in the UniSwap pool for years.
  • Future Ready Fund (5% Platform, 5% Operational): Setting aside tokens for new developments and operational needs.

NextGem’s 2024:

Q1 2024: A Strong Start

  • $NextGem tokens are coming to Ethereum.
  • Introducing a cool token burn for premium features.
  • ‘The Next 100x Gem’ MVP launch – think AI, APIs, and big data.
  • Major social media push and influencer partnerships.
  • Rolling out a specialized AI LLM for top services.
  • Launching the NextGem Token – look for FairLaunch or a partnered launchpad.
  • A big liquidity pool is coming to UniSwap, locked for three years.

Q2 2024: Taking Things Up a Notch

  • Better data sources for crypto projects.
  • Fine-tuning their datasets with the latest methods and your help.
  • Upgrading their AI with the newest tech.
  • Forming partnerships to boost NextGem’s presence.
  • Aiming for big exchange listings for the NextGem token.
  • Looking at DeFi collaborations to expand $NextGem’s roles.

Q3 2024: Expanding and Enhancing

  • Adding more sources for analysis, including your reviews.
  • User interface improvements based on what you say.
  • Advancing their AI for top-notch market and project analysis.
  • Keeping up with emerging blockchain technologies.
  • Making NextGem available in more languages.
  • Ramping up security with frequent audits.

Q4 2024: Leading the Way

  • Personalized AI investment recommendations are coming.
  • A feedback loop for constant AI improvements.
  • Using A/B testing to make their platform even better.
  • Starting a DAO for community decisions on changes.
  • Implementing forensic tools for detailed project checks.
  • Applying machine learning for accurate predictions of project success.

Solid Research and Analysis doesn’t mess around. They do serious research and gather loads of data. Then they use top-notch AI to analyze it all. This means the advice you get is solid, helping you make smart choices.’s All-Star Team:

Bitcolumnist readers, meet the stars of

  • Frederick Marinho, The Strategy and Tech Titan: Frederick is not just any software engineer. With over 10 years in the game and an Ecole 42 badge, he’s the founder of Merkle Tech Capital. He catapulted the GLQ no-code protocol to a stellar market cap. His crypto connections are shaping NextGem’s path in web3.
  • Nick Kristov, Marketing Visionary: Nick is the brains behind NextGem’s marketing. His deep knowledge in consulting and marketing is key to NextGem’s branding and outreach strategies.
  • Jorge L., The Software and Blockchain Genius: Jorge, the Lead Software Engineer at NextGem, is a self-taught blockchain enthusiast. From creating a secure polling system to handling serious crypto with a trading bot, Jorge’s now venturing into GPT-based platforms. His tech savvy is driving NextGem’s software advancements.

To Wrap It Up isn’t just another tool – it’s changing how we play the crypto game. It’s got AI smarts and blockchain clarity, making it a must-have for anyone serious about crypto in 2024. Check out and see how it’s flipping the script on crypto investing.

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