Ontology Roadmap 2024 – The Year of Broadening Adoption and Empowering Identities

Coinscribble – May 6th, 2024 / As we navigate through 2024, Ontology embarks on a journey to redefine the landscape of digital identity and blockchain technology. Our roadmap is designed with a clear vision: to catalyze the widespread adoption of Decentralized Identity (DID) and enhance the seamless interaction across blockchain networks, advancing digital assets management technology. This year, we aim to deepen our engagement with the community, lead innovation, and offer unparalleled support to developers and users alike. Our commitment is to not only advance the technological infrastructure of Web3 but also to enrich the user experience and security that underpin the digital economy of the future, emphasizing data sovereignty and identity verification.

Providing All-Round Interoperability of Ontology Blockchain

As Ontology continues to cement its position as a leading public blockchain, our strategic focus remains steadfast on key application scenarios that include identity, data, and reputation management. This commitment drives our initiatives and innovations, ensuring that our technology not only meets but exceeds the evolving needs of our users and the broader blockchain community.
Integration with Goshen Network
Ontology is set to enhance its infrastructure significantly by incorporating Goshen Network’s Ethereum layer 2 and Bitcoin EVM layer, a strategic move aimed at providing a seamless interaction across EVM and Bitcoin blockchains. Through this integration, facilitated by the Ontology and Goshen Bridge, users will gain the ability to effortlessly manage and access their assets across diverse blockchain ecosystems. This initiative not only underscores Ontology’s dedication to fostering cross-chain interoperability but also positions Ontology’s Consensus Nodes to actively participate in Goshen’s governance, leveraging its unique mechanism to ensure a fluid, interoperable digital asset experience.
Strengthening Blockchain Security
In its unwavering commitment to security, Ontology is implementing stringent measures to safeguard its blockchain. This includes the establishment of strict confirming and proving procedures for all wrapped assets across blockchain interfaces, coupled with the introduction of a Slash mechanism. These measures are designed to fortify the Ontology blockchain against malicious threats, thereby providing a secure and trustworthy environment for conducting transactions and managing digital assets.
Expansion of ONT Staking
Ontology is expanding its staking ecosystem to be more inclusive and accessible through the introduction of the Naming Nodes Program and the launch of the stONT product. This expansion aims to streamline the staking process for both individual users and institutional partners, making it simpler for them to participate as stakers or node operators. By lowering the barriers to entry for ONT staking, Ontology enhances the overall security and participation within its network, fostering a more robust and engaged community.

Pushing DID Adoption & Application

Enhancing DID Awareness
Ontology is amplifying its efforts to increase decentralized identity awareness by enhancing communication with pivotal DID entities such as DIF, Polygon ID, and Verax, who have joined as co-builders. This initiative aims to extend the reach of DID-related educational content, bringing a broader understanding of decentralized identity solutions across the Web3 ecosystem.
Support for ONT ID Integration
We are committed to providing comprehensive support across technical, marketing, business, and community aspects for projects integrating ONT ID, alongside our OWN infrastructure for enhanced data exchange and collaboration. Protocols like ONT Login, ONT TAG, and Mercury are made available as open-source tools, enabling seamless integration and fostering innovation within the decentralized identity space, ensuring robust identity verification processes without any additional charges.
Improving User Experience
The ONTO Wallet is undergoing significant updates to enhance its functionalities for digital assets management. By increasing inclusivity and interoperability with external protocols, such as domain providers, we aim to offer a superior user experience in managing IDs, VCs, and reputation, while also prioritizing data sovereignty. A robust loyalty and referral system is being developed to improve user retention, underlining the value of comprehensive digital identity management across various platforms.
ONTO Wallet as a Comprehensive DID Tool
The ONTO Wallet is evolving into an all-encompassing DID management tool, allowing users to manage their domains, IDs, VCs, and reputation across different chains and applications. This approach not only simplifies the management of digital identities but also enriches DIDs with additional utility, enabling users to access various task platforms like Galxe and TaskOn for credential management.
Enhancements to Orange Protocol
Orange Protocol is set to receive substantial updates, including the introduction of the Orange Points mechanism designed to incentivize user engagement and contribution. Integrating more Proof of Humanity (PoH) providers and launching reputation-related campaigns are steps towards activating users’ on-chain reputations and cultivating a more trustable Web3 community.
ONT ID Fund for Innovation
An ONT ID fund is being established to incentivize actions that optimize and promote the adoption of ONT ID. The fund will support projects based on their brand impact, existing user base, and their strategy for continuous growth, underscoring Ontology’s commitment to supporting innovation within the decentralized identity domain.

Building Global Community with Continuous Loyalty System

Global Expansion of Ontology Harbingers
Ontology is focused on expanding its Harbingers program worldwide, providing localized support to community members and fostering potential business collaborations. This global network plays a crucial role in growing the Ontology ecosystem, emphasizing the importance of community support and engagement.
Engaging Online Community Campaigns
Regular online community campaigns, including Weekly Discussion, Community Call, and Web3 Wonderings, are pivotal for keeping the community engaged and informed. These initiatives, hosted across X, Telegram, Discord, and other local social channels, ensure that the latest developments and updates within the Ontology ecosystem are widely shared and discussed.
Ontology Loyal Program Incentives
Encouraging active participation in the Ontology Loyal Program and related campaigns is a key strategy for building a loyal and engaged community. By offering diverse ways to earn Ontology Loyal NFT Plus and Ontology Collabs NFTs, we aim to reward community members for their contributions and engagement, fostering a sense of belonging and loyalty within the Ontology ecosystem.