Radom Launches Full Suite Crypto Payment Gateway

  • Enterprise businesses can now accept cryptocurrency at checkout.

  • No-code and API crypto payments are now available to any type of business.

London, United Kingdom, June 3rd, 2024 – Coinscribble by Coinbound / Radom, a cryptocurrency payments platform for businesses, today announced the completion of its crypto billing platform, making it easier for businesses across the world to integrate crypto payment methods into their checkouts. In addition, Radom is introducing crypto on ramp and off ramp services for businesses looking to accept cryptocurrencies that fluctuate, like Bitcoin, without volatility risk.

Businesses interested in accepting cryptocurrency payments often face issues with finding a payment gateway that works similarly to existing solutions. Radom’s crypto payment suite allows businesses to accept crypto with live exchange rates at checkout, crypto off ramp services, as well as a suite of no-code solutions that makes it easy to get started.

With today’s announcement, Radom now offers several products for crypto payments:

  1. Crypto Checkout, an API-based solution, with a pre-built payments page, configurable for e-commerce and many more types of businesses.
  2. Crypto Billing, a recurring crypto payment solution, designed for SaaS businesses.
  3. Crypto Payment Links, a no-code, pre-built payments page, which can be used by startups and in-person businesses including pop-up stores.
  4. Crypto Invoicing, an online crypto invoicing solution, which allows for email based payment collection.
  5. Crypto Presales, a Web3 focused crowdfunding product, design for Web3 projects raising capital.

Radom’s several products enable any business from startup to enterprise to begin accepting cryptocurrency payments at scale, while the dashboard allows for easy access across teams and different stakeholders such as developers, support staff, and finance.

“With our full-suite crypto payments platform, enterprise companies and startups in the Web2 world can now begin accepting crypto without risk–things like crypto volatility, API configurability, billing model support, and so on are no longer concerns for businesses.” – Chris Wilson, CEO at Radom.

Radom has over 100 features ready for businesses to utilize to start accepting crypto payments. With over 21 cryptocurrencies and support across 10 blockchains, business can now go global and reduce payment processing fees by accepting crypto through Radom.