rLoop DAO – AI Powered DAO Powering Innovation Since 2015

United Kingdom, June 3rd, 2024 – Coinscribble by Coinbound / rLoop DAO – AI powered Web 3.0 #DAO powering Social Finance and Innovation since 2015

rLoop DAO is a Web 3 DAO built to power social finance and innovation, constantly pushing the envelope with technological solutions to contemporary problems. rLoop is one of the few companies that can say it has members from all corners of the world, and not be lying. We’re constantly growing.

About rLoop:

rLoop acquires, supports, and finances early stage innovation and research projects as an open and self-governing collective. With many projects in progress, here’s a glimpse into the futuristic solutions pioneered by the rLoop community:

  1. Hyperloop — The most workable solution to both slow and expensive transportation status quo. Hyperloop is the effort-child of hundreds of engineers from across the globe. Watch it in action here.
  2. Aisha — an AI program that generates images and videos from a text prompt in any language.
  3. rFlight— A well funded and prototyped single (wo)man flight vehicle project. The goal here is to have you realize that childhood dream of flight, while solving so many problems with air travel.
  4. Arrivo — The end to traffic. Also, the realization of reduced carbon emissions goals across the world. An innovative transportation layer that augments incumbent (read jammed) road networks. 
  5. rBridge— Already proven impactful when a distributed engineering team turned the Hyperloop idea into a prototype, rBridge aims to cut the time-to-prototype for future projects. This tooling network will connect innovators with designers, and nodes of facilities that prove and improve concepts for demo/production.

rLoop Governance:

Governance of the rLoopDAO is entirely managed by the rLoopDAO community, which is achieved through the governance and curation token, $rLoop. The token can be obtained by contributing resources, work, or funds to rLoopDAO. Ownership of $rLoop allows its holder to engage in decision-making and governance of rLoopDAO’s research, support for specific projects, and govern its data and IP portfolio.

As of May 31st, 1 RLOOP token is valued at 0.002988 USD. [Please check the latest rates at the time of publication.] The total supply of RLP tokens is fixed at 1 billion tokens. Among these, 40% was allocated during the token generation phase, while the remaining 60% is securely locked in the community reserve. This sustainable ecosystem ensures that any potential future use of the reserve requires a proposal and consensus from existing RLP holders. 

Nearly a Decade of Innovation and Collaboration

rLoop was established in June of 2015 in response to a challenge from Elon Musk and SpaceX to re-imagine transportation with their Hyperloop concept. Since then, rLoop has grown and nurtured a community of collaborators who are diverse in geography and technical backgrounds. Together the community has developed complex and award winning designs, and produced functional hardware that has achieved numerous firsts in the Hyperloop space. 

Our efforts have been recognized with several prestigious awards, including:

  • Best Non-Student Design at SpaceX’s first Hyperloop Design Competition
  • Best Hyperloop Design, Drama, & Excitement: Best Architectural Design and Presentation at the BuildEarthLive Hyperloop Competition in Dubai
  • Next Big Thing from Basware
  • Innovation Award at SpaceX’s first Hyperloop Competition

As rLoop DAO continues to grow, it remains dedicated to using global collaboration and new technology to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. By building an inclusive, decentralized community, rLoop is set to lead the way in transportation, energy, and more. Join us on our journey to create a better, more sustainable world for everyone.

For more information, visit our website. You can also find us listed on Coinmarketcap and Trader Joe. Stay ‘in the loop’ with one of the coolest companies to date by joining our community on social media.  

Discord  – https://rfr.bz/f5imx49

Telegram – https://rfr.bz/f5imx4a

X        – https://x.com/rloopdao

Medium  –  https://medium.com/@rloopdao_