SolarX Raises $3M Capital — Prepares for CEX Listing

Coinscribble – May 21st, 2024 / SolarX — a cutting-edge, eco-friendly cryptocurrency mining project—is thrilled to announce that it recently raised a whopping $3 million in capital following a public fundraising round in collaboration with Tenset

Tenset is a world-class launchpad that supports promising projects with technological support, top-tier marketing, and a bustling community to facilitate projects’ success.

SolarX recently secured its spot on the Tenset incubator after a voting round yielded over 90% support, spurring the successful fundraising for the project’s future growth.

Building on this accomplishment, SolarX is getting set for its token’s listing on a prestigious “Tier 1 Centralized Exchange” (CEX) on May 21, 2024. Stay tuned for updates. 

How SolarX Sets Itself Apart

What sets SolarX apart is its steadfast mission to innovate the crypto-mining industry by leveraging renewable energy resources, particularly solar power, to fuel mining operations.

Simply put, the ecosystem promises profitability while addressing concerns regarding the environmental impact of conventional mining methods. 

Its cloud-mining platform is cleverly crafted to seamlessly grant access to crypto mining by offering fractionalized mining investment opportunities leveraged by blockchain technology and renewable energy resources. 

On top of this, its ‘SolarX Miner’ feature—boasting functionality powered by solar energy around the clock and off-grid mining capabilities—enables users to actively participate in mining operations.Consequently, it presents an economically viable option for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts. 

What’s Next for SolarX? 

In addition to its distinct blockchain-based mining solutions, SolarX is set to unveil a range of services and products, including its very own blockchain network and app.

The ecosystem is in the process of developing a blockchain for projects to conduct mining operations with its framework. Meanwhile, its app will enable miners to easily monitor their rigs’ performance and earnings anywhere, anytime. 

SolarX’s roadmap is exceptionally comprehensive. Other key milestones include the launch of its native token, SXCH, on the Tier 1 CEX, alongside the rollout of development grants and staking programs. 

In the wake of its recent fundraising efforts and impending CEX listing, SolarX’s future looks rosy. It continues to make a significant impact on the web3 realm by seeking more sustainable alternatives to traditionally energy-consuming practices. 

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