There’s a New Meam in Town

United States, June 17th, 2024 – Coinscribble by Coinboind / No, that’s not a misspelling, it’s a new movement to bring meaning to cryptocurrency meme coins. Meet Caticorn, a new token with tons of “meaming”. 


Caticorn is leading the way with this meaming evolution by creating one of the first philanthropic centered cryptocurrency ecosystems. Caticorn’s Fair Launch will begin on June 19th, 2024 on the PinkSale launchpad. Caticorn’s founders believe meme coins should have significant meaning and contribute to the well-being of society by contributing back to real communities. Caticorn plans on leading the way with this new cryptocurrency concept by helping create a new generation of crypto coins centered around philanthropic values. 


Caticorn will host one of the biggest airdrops in crypto history from a philanthropic stand point. Not only will they dedicate their tokens to a public air drop to bring awareness, they are also sending tokens to startup animal shelters, and people working to save animals. 


Their founders state, “We were just tired of seeing meme coins with no real utility or ecosystems at their core. Why not build something to add value to people’s lives, give back to the community, and help save animals who in turn are saving people?”


That’s how Caticorn was born, as a whimsical, magical idea. It is a story based in real life of a human saving an animal who in turn, changed the human’s life for the better by providing compassion and caring. Caticorn is a cross between the real world and the magical world of imagination. The Caticorn concept combines dreams with reality by providing hope to people and animals who may never receive the helping hands they deserve. The true story that is turned into a meaming fairy tale involves a normal guy saving a cat who in turn helped save him by providing compassion and caring into his life helping him realize the real purpose of living. The founders hope the concept of using cryptocurrency to help humanity will grow as a meaming movement.


Caticorn has big plans and wants you to get involved in changing the meme coin world into meaming communities that give back through charity causes. They plan on creating a non profit foundation and an ecosystem of compassion and charity. Join their online community to participate in voting on projects that will make a difference in the world and the crypto community at large.


Company Name: Caticorn Token


Country: United States


Launch Link:  Caticorn Fair Launch