Visionary Rabbits: an NFT Project that is all about culture

If you are looking for an innovative NFT Project with the goal of showing the power of
culture in the NFT space and the metaverse, this is what Visionary Rabbits is all about.
The collection of 10,000 unique and programmatically generated NFTs is bringing more
diversity and creativity to the market, having a lot of potential to build their IP and give a
unique experience to their holders.
As part of their Roadmap, the project will support and promote NFT artists to their
community, making exhibitions in the metaverse in a Gallery that they will build on
Decentraland, and also buy NFTs to make drawings for the holders. That is their initial
vision to prove how the NFT culture is relevant, having a lot to offer to everyone who is
part of it. The NFT space already has many talented artists and creators who deserve more
visibility and investment, sharing their talent with many people. So the project wants to
make a connection with everything that is happening in the NFT space, the metaverse, and
Web 3 in general.
The Visionary Rabbits NFT holders will also have personal and commercial rights to their
NFTs, and they will be part of the evolution of the project.
The main collection was inspired by rabbits, because they are smart, curious, and there are
many of them, having a connection with the size and variety of the collection. They also
have this symbology of “going down the rabbit hole” which is related to their quest to
expand the NFT space and the metaverse. Their aesthetic is also important to build their
concept, making the ears with a specific style and movement, as their trademark. But all
traits have a connection with the project, giving more originality to the Visionary Rabbits,
having different ages, genres, styles, expressions, species, emotions, personalities, and
much more.
The team behind Visionary Rabbits is part of Crypto Boundless, a company that is
innovative and wants to create unique identities for each project, leaving a positive mark,
making great work aligned with the contemporary world. For this project, the team is
specialized in many areas, such as art, design, history, and museology, to also select the
NFTs that will be part of the exhibitions and purchases to make drawings for the
community. And with their knowledge, they will also continue to build the project. The
NFT market is expanding, and there are many possibilities for NFT Projects to be
developed. And this project wants to give a new vision to the market, proving the power
that NFTs can have in culture and to each holder. The project will soon be launched, so
this is your chance to be a part of it.
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