Zo and Drip Haus Announce a Unique Partnership with Launch of Limited Edition Singularity Drop Collection

Coinscribble – May 30th, 2024 / Zo is unlocking it Super App experience to the Web3 audience with decentralized messaging and AI powered mini-apps.

Zo, an OS. for Human to Agent Coordination, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Drip Haus, a cutting-edge NFT project. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the AI x NFTs space, introducing four limited edition NFTs: Common, Rare, Legendary, and Ultimate. Users of Drip Haus can collect these exclusive Zo x DRiP singularity drop NFTs for free, unlocking guaranteed 500 droplets for each user who signs up for Zo app. 

Drip Haus, founded by Vibhu Norby, leverages Solana’s compressed NFT technology to make the creation of NFTs more affordable and accessible. This innovative approach enables the distribution of free digital assets on a large scale, shifting focus from monetary gain to meaningful engagement. By fostering connections between content creators and the next generation of digital natives, Drip Haus is redefining the NFT landscape. 

“Drip Haus is all about democratizing digital collectibles,” says Vibhu Norby. “By making NFTs free and widely accessible, we aim to create a healthy flywheel effect driven by major influencers and mainstream audiences. Our partnership with Zo is a testament to this vision, bringing cutting-edge AI technology into the world of Web3.” 

Unlock Exclusive Experiences with Zo x DRiP Singularity Drop Collectibles 

The Zo x DRiP singularity drop collection offers a rare AI-symbiotic experience, propelling a select few to the next level of AI group chats. By owning one of these exclusive NFTs, users gain access to special quests, substantial rewards totaling 5 million Droplets, a guaranteed 500 Droplets per user, and an additional $1,000 in prizes. 

“Zo is all about pushing the boundaries of digital interaction through AI powered mini apps in a decentralized manner,” says Azi Mandias, Founder, CEO at Zo. “Our collaboration with Drip Haus allows us to blend the power of AI with the creativity and engagement of NFTs, unlocking a segment of audience that is really important for us given the direction we are headed.” 

About Drip Haus 

Drip Haus connects content creators with digital natives, driving platform adoption through major influencers and an upcoming mobile app designed to simplify user onboarding and engagement. 

About Zo 

Zo offers a dynamic platform where users can earn rewards, publish creations, and explore bots created by others. With features like group chats with AI, earning XP for engagement, and the ability to build and discover AI mini apps in the marketplace, Zo aims to be the action layer for the future web we want to call “the agentic web” 

But the real prize is the opportunity to be part of a pioneering movement that seamlessly blends the worlds of AI, group chat, and digital collectibles. As Zo and Driphaus continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, users can expect even more exciting and innovative experiences in the future. 

For more information, please visit zo.me and drip.haus